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Velrai Is Changing Names! + New Dev

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I first wanted to state how much I appreciate each and everyone of you for sticking around. I know It was a rough start at first but we are finally putting all the pieces together to make this Server as good as possible!

I am here to announce that we are changing server names! From now on the server's name will be 'Zaryte' Instead of Velrai.
Now this change is on-going and you will start to see the changes within the next week or 2 (max)

With this name change you might be wondering if I will be doing a server reset, eco reset?
This is NOT the case, only thing's that will change will be the website. As I have reserved the new domain. I will be redirecting this domain to the new domain once we have everything set up!

I also wanted to introduce our new content DEV, Dave, aka Phanes! He's a very skilled developer, and just with talking to him, he is beyond one of the smartest people I've had conversation with! I am very confident in his capabilities to make Zaryte a TOP server competing with the bigger names!

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