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Greetings Velrai, Wayne here!


Happy to have found Velrai through Rune-Locus toplist, seems I joined at the most crucial stage of the server.. ALPHA


A little about Me;

  • This is my 13th year playing RSPS's (Honestly, I never get bored of them)
  • Stopped playing RS officially around 2008-2009 when it became sh*t
  • Haven't touched OSRS since 2013 (Release day) Logged in and logged out :S
  • I have an identical twin brother IRL who has also played RSPS's just as long as me
  • I'll be 27 in March, OTR Truck Driver from the United States (I travel through 48 states)
  • I love RSPS Forums, I tend to keep them alive by posting helpful Guides, Tips, General posts, etc'


~ Looking forward to seeing Velrai rise. I see lots and lots of potential so far, see you all in-game!




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