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  1. Greetings Velrai, Wayne here! Happy to have found Velrai through Rune-Locus toplist, seems I joined at the most crucial stage of the server.. ALPHA A little about Me; This is my 13th year playing RSPS's (Honestly, I never get bored of them) Stopped playing RS officially around 2008-2009 when it became sh*t Haven't touched OSRS since 2013 (Release day) Logged in and logged out I have an identical twin brother IRL who has also played RSPS's just as long as me I'll be 27 in March, OTR Truck Driver from the United States (I travel through 48 states) I love RSPS Forums, I tend to keep them alive by posting helpful Guides, Tips, General posts, etc' ~ Looking forward to seeing Velrai rise. I see lots and lots of potential so far, see you all in-game!