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Welcome to Velrai!

Welcome to Velrai, our aim is to give the players a unique experience. Velrai is hosted by a professional team, We are keeping all of our players satisfied by pushing out updates regularly and organizing server events and rewards. Download the launcher and experience something new!Velrai world 2 is a fully custom RuneScape Private Server which has many features such as, custom raids, minigames, active gambling, custom dungeons and much more!.



Bannable offenses: 1: Real World Trading (RWT) Offering to Buy or Sell Velrai GP/Items/Services for anything else other then Velrai Ingame Wealth is a serious offense. (Trolling about RWT is also an offense). Services such as GFX / Editing related to Velrai do not fall under this category, you are allowed to do so. 2:... Read more